She got her degree in theatre direction at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático (1996-2000) (Royal school of dramatic arts); she has studied as well with Jacques Nichet, Massimo Castri and Stephan Schuske. 

In 2001, she founds Nao d´amores with a group of people coming from classical theatre, puppet theatre and early music. The company is dedicated since then to the research and staging of renaissance theatre.  With Nao d’amores she has directed: Comedia llamada Metamorfosea by Joaquín Romero de Cepeda (2001) (won an award to The Best Young Director given by the Spanish directors Association), Auto de la Sibila Casandra, by Gil Vicente (2003), Auto de los Cuatro Tiempos (2004), Gil Vicente and Misterio del Cristo de los Gascones (2007)

Out of her own company she has directed different plays as El Amor al Uso by Antonio de Solís (2002); Mujer y Teatro (2001), Antígona by Jean Anouilh (2001), La noche veneciana by Alfred de Musset (1999), Camino de Wolokolamsk 1 by Heiner Müller (1998), Las sirenas by Louis Charles Sirjacq (1998), Historia de una famosa hechicera (1996), Solsticio (1995).

She was part of the artistic team at Teatro de la Abadía, (2001-2004) and Nacional Classical Theatre Company (2005-2006)

Last Year she directed Tragicomedia de Don Duardos de Gil Vicente (2006) for the National Classical Theatre Company, and she was finalist for the Best Direction of the Year Award given by the Spanish directors association.